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cash concentrating

Zeroing in on an optimal cash flow

With cash concentrating, liquidity from multiple corporate accounts flows daily into a central account. Debit balances are equalised through credit balances. As such, the balance on all outgoing accounts is zero at the end of each day and does not show any interest debits or credits.


If you consolidate the liquidity of your domestic Commerzbank accounts via cash concentrating, the corresponding accounts have a balance of zero, both in accounting and value date terms. With interbank cash concentrating, the balances are set to zero in value date terms – although in accounting terms any predated value dates remain in the accounts.


You can consolidate your liquidity in any currency, assuming the outgoing and central (receiving) accounts are operated in the same currency. We can provide a special interest rate schedule to facilitate your internal interest rate calculations.


Within the scope of cash concentrating, you can also lay down specific parameters on how your corporate accounts are to be consolidated. For example, you might wish to keep a minimum amount in the local account or only have transfers executed on a certain date or when the amount on the local account exceeds a certain threshold or to only have selected transactions transferred.

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